Chow Time on a Dime

I Tried to Burn the House Down

Well, maybe I wasn’t trying to and maybe it wasn’t THAT dramatic, but I DID start a fire in the kitchen and I don’t even know how it happened!

But it did, nonetheless. Thankfully when I yelled for my son to get his dad off the back porch, for the first time in his entire life he actually DID what he was told and my husband saved the day. What was I doing, you ask. Boiling water. No, really. I was making mac and cheese out of a box and was boiling water for the pasta. I kept smelling something as I was battering turkey breasts to fry. At first I thought it was where my husband had put the plastic ladel on the stove, so I moved it. But I kept smelling something burning. So I opened the oven to check the bread sticks. No, they were done but fine. WHAT is that smell??? Wait. Where is that flame coming from? That’s not supposed to be there. So I moved the pot off the burner. Bad idea. I’m now holding a hot pan of bread sticks in one hand and wet batter all over the other. So, I do all I can. Yell for my kiddo. Go get your dad. NOW. So he did. And surprisingly he came immediately. I calmly explain that there is a fire under the front burner (maybe it wasn’t calm, who even knows at this point). He also moves the pan and flames shoot higher. Ha….oh goodness.


This week is our son’s week to do dishes, so on a whim my husband pulls a soaking wet towel out from under the dish rack and squeezes it over the burner (mind you, this is NOT a gas stove. there should be NO flames. Ever). And miraculously, the water put it out. Wait. What? I thought you weren’t supposed to use water to put out that kind of fire. He shruggs me off and says I thought I’d give it a try and see what happens before I tried to smother it.

As much as I cook, I’ve only had one other fire in the kitchen and it was totally my fault (Thanksgiving Day I tried to cook a partially thawed turkey in the oven and caught the oven on fire), but I have NO idea how this even happened. Nothing like a little excitement right before supper. What have YOU caught on fire?

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