My Little Green Machine

Several months ago, my husband and I were talking about birthdays and Christmas and wish lists. I RARELY spend money on “extras” for myself as I am simply too cheap to do so. I have no issue with buying extras for others, only for myself. I just hate to spend that money when I know it could go to something else. But I have dreams and wish lists and somehow both came up on afternoon. I mentioned to him that one day if we ever had enough money to splurge, I wanted to purchase a Cricut machine. He, of course, was clueless as to what this was. I explained a little of it and then went on with day to day life. Well, wouldn’t you know just a couple of weeks later a nice little package showed up at our door. I opened the box. And there it sat. That beautiful mint green machine I had longed for was sittiing right there, on my dining table.

I’ll admit, I had done minimum research and was more than a little intimidated. As I unpackeaged it, my mind was reeling. I downloaded the software and created the sample project card that came with it. Right then and there I fell in love. But then….I let it sit. The holidays started rolling in, family came to visit, birthdays wizzed by – and I gave little thought to that magical green machine.

Then one evening my tween son came to me. He wanted to know about this new toy. His eyes just got bigger and bigger the more I explained things to him. Then he states simply, “I need you to make me a sign”.

Just a little back

story here…several years ago, I redecorated his bedroom in all things hockey. We live much too far south to be able to buy proper hockey decor in the stores, therefore I painted several pieces of artwork for his walls. He has been ask

ing me to paint more…..but I have put him off. But on this day, he was having none of that. So I sat down, with ZERO guidance or resarch and created my project. All went well until it came time to transfer the design to my canvas. This is where research and YouTube would have been SUPER helpful. No

netheless, I fumbled through the process, and created his sign. It is definately not without fault. I will confess, I did not use transfer paper AND I did not have a weeding tool. SO……for those of you that have worked with this type of machine can imagine my struggles. HA!


Since that night, I have done a bit more research and a lot more creating. I have created two hockey tees and a sweetshirt for my kiddo. I have

made a shirt for my husband and I have made countless Christmas ornaments both as gifts and to sell. I am IN LOVE. It is the greatest purchase I have ever made. Well, maybe not but still.  I love this thing!

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