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Let’s Talk Bras

I know. Sometimes boobs can be awkward. But let me tell you something. Sometimes a girl just needs a good, honest review on a bra and personally, I can never find one. At least not one that is helpful to ME. And my size. Oh how I wish I could just walk in to a store and buy a bra. But no. It doesn’t work that way in my life. I am a G. Very few stores sell G’s. Even fewer sell them when the front number is 38. Lots of companies assume that if the letter is large, that means the woman is fairly good size around as well. It’s not the case many times, which makes bra shopping very annoying for MANY women. I can say things like this because my 9-5 job is working for a very prominent bra manufacturer. So….you’d think I’d have it easy, right? Wrong. The company I work for does not make my size.

So, every so often I go on a bra hunt. Last time I bought a bra, I lucked up and found it super cheap and TJ Maxx! 16 bucks. That’s unheard of! I actually ordered a bra online back in Feb but they couldn’t find my house for the delivery so it was returned to the company. Needless to say, I never ordered from them again. So, it was time for a bra hunt. I’d researched. I’d looked. I’d read reviews. I finally settled on SOMA. As luck would have it, they were having a pretty big sale so I ended up ordering TWO bras. I paid about $40. They arrived about a month ago. I have one of them one right now and let me tell you. It is the first sports bra I have worn since having my son 10 years ago, and it fits well. It is the Soma Sport Max Support Underwire Sport Bra. It DOES have underwire and I know that is a turn off for many women, but I prefer it. With the weight I carry around up top, I feel like the wire is necessary. Anyway, it’s a cute turquoise color (cute colors are rare in my size) and is snug. I have NOT attempted any physical activity (i.e. running) yet but I think it could hold up to a nice jog. It holds it’s shape well. I wear it to work sometimes and while I do housework. I don’t notice any sagging as I wear it. Overall, I am very satisfied with the way it fits. I highly recommend this bra.

The second bra is a normal, every day wear bra. It is called the Embraceable Full Coverage Wireless Unlined Bra. It does NOT have underwire and I was very hesitant to try it. But at the price, I had to give it a shot. Let me tell you. It is the most comfortable bra I have worn in a very long time. Seriously. I like it. It functions well for what I desire it for. However, there are a few cons to this one. A uni-boob is kind of assumed when you purchase a sports bra but not so much when you order an every day bra. This kind of gives the look of a uni-boob. There is no separation of the two breasts. For me, that is not an issue. I know, however, it is for others. It also seems to sag with wear throughout the day. Again, for me, the comfort of this one far outweighs the cons, however, I know for some this could be a deal breaker. In my opinion, this is a lounge around the house bra and not a business or dinner date undergarment BUT for the price it can not be beat!

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