Raising up Thor

The Road to Rescue

This is Groot. He is 14 months old and a total dollbaby. And he’s MY baby. The perfect lapdog. Just ask him. He will tell you exactly how perfectly he fits in my lap. All 110 pounds of him. He is without a doubt, an amazing dog.  And he is a rescue.

His story breaks my heart, but honestly it is pretty typical of many dogs. He was bought by a family with money. He’s gorgeous, so I’m guessing he cost a pretty penny. Well, the family never took the time to research his breed. They never took the proper steps to get him the training he needed and really that is required when obtaining a giant breed. Groot is a Great Dane. He is 14 months old, has about 4 more months of growing to do and already weighs 110 pounds. On his back legs he reaches 5’7. He is a BIG boy and without proper training, even the sweetest of dogs can become a handful. And he did. At four month old my big ol softie became too much for them to deal with. In his puppy excitement, he jumped up on his owner’s young daughter and knocked her down. His owner was less than please and my poor guy was banished to the barn. For those of you that are unaware, Great Danes are NOT outside dogs. They are very sensitive and do not handle extremely cold weather OR extremely hot weather well at all. Did I mention his home was in Ohio? Where there is SNOW….For 9 months my guy’s best friends were two horses and a donkey. Needless to say, he acts more like a horse than he does a dog.

At 13 months, a sweet neighbor finally convinced Groot’s owner to let him come live with her. But alas….it did not work out. 110 pounds of muscle and lack of manners is difficult to handle. So she sought out help from a Dane group online, first wanting advice on how to make him stop jumping on people and then to rehome the guy. He needed a home and our pup needed a friend. So here we are. With a new family member. It has taken him some time to calm down but he fits in quite nicely with the rest of us. My husband says Thor acts just like our son….flighty and dramatic and that Groot acts just like me….totally bull headed. But he adores all of us so it works. Our family is now complete….until I find another rescue 😉

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