Hello Harvey!!!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this message. Harvey has arrived and he is quite the diva. He wanted everyone to know he was in town and he was NOT to be ignored. We are flooding. And here’s the funny part. We are NOT a coastal state. We live in Kentucky. This is NOT something I was prepared for, at all. I knew it was supposed to rain, but never imagined this.

This is our shed. It is a good 3 ft off the ground.

I woke up this morning to half a dozen flash flood warnings on my phone, but…..I just did what I usually do and brushed it off. It never floods when they say it is going to. I got up, showered, and got ready for work. Then I receive multiple text from my son’s school saying school has been cancelled due to flooding and power outages. So, I went and turned the kiddo’s alarm off and called my husband. He told me that the entire downtown was flooded out and he had been worried his truck wasn’t going to make it through and he KNEW my car wouldn’t. So, I called in to work. I’ve NEVER called in for flooding before. That was strange.

It is up past his knees…

Then the text came from my husband. “You might want to move your car to the top of the hill. The yard is flooded.” At this point, I had not been outside. I’d let the dog out to go to the bathroom but we live on a pretty good sized hill so the water flows out of the front yard really well. I hadn’t really thought anything of it. So I grab my keys and head to the car. My front tires were under water. I was worried I would be stuck but I back out with no problem. At this point I am kind of in shock. I’ve NEVER seen so much water. Everything was under water.

I run inside and wake my son up. He gets dressed and we make the trek outside to save the stuff under the porch and in the sed. His bike was almost completely under water. We made the journey out to the shed and the water is knee deep. The porch to the shed is now a floating dock. There are pieces of wood floating throughout the yard. We rescue the important stuff and head back in the house, where we find a leak in the living room. Woohoo! We have moved furniture, put down blankets, and covered the carpet. It is only 9 am and I am exhausted!

This sweet little creek is responsible for flooding the entire town….
A road….just down from the house

On a brighter note, it is supposed to be a gorgeous holiday weekend! What do you have planned this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Hello Harvey!!!

  1. Crazy!!! I didn’t know Harvey hit Kentucky. I’m in Texas and my aunt lives near college station. They were flooded as well. So horrifying but I’m glad everyone is ok.

    1. We certainly were not expecting to get this amount of rain. We are so far inland that it never even crossed my mind that we would be so affected by Harvey.

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