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When Your Child has Bigger Plans….

When our kids are young, we have these plans, these thoughts as to what they will do when they get older, the things they will enjoy. I had NO doubt my son was going to like sports. He comes from a sports family and by the age of one, I could no longer and him anything in the shape of any kind of ball while in public because chances of him throwing it were 100%. So, I knew. He was going to be sporty.

Never in a million years did I think I would be here. Sitting on this bench, with my 10 year old son tying skates. And not just any skates. Inline skates. HOCKEY SKATES. No, never. No way this can be me. See, I’m a southern mom, raised in Alabama.  When my kiddo was young, i gave him a ball – a basketball, a baseball, a football, just like any sensible southern mama would do. After all, those are the sports WE play. There were no pucks in MY life. I was certain he’d take after mom and play baseball. Or he’d be tall like my dad and play basketball.

And then it happened…at age six all my sporting dreams for this kid flew out the window when he brought home that dreadful flyer, accompanied by the words, “Mommy, I want to do this.” Hockey. Inline Hockey. This flyer appeared just one week after we had embarked in an adventure to the local skating rink for the first time. EVER. He couldn’t even stand up. He eventually refused to even get out on the floor. He spent his entire night skating on the carpet. And now he wants to do WHAT?!?

Hmmm…..that’s nice, I guess. We can try it. He won’t like it because my child also goes by the name Mr. Perfection. Once he sees he’s terrible, he will give it up and pick a different sport. A normal sport, because he has the desire to be the BEST and he will NOT be the best at this.

As you can see, he did not follow my plan. He fell in love. And I’ll be dog-goned if the kid didn’t turn out to be pretty stinking good. So. Here I sit. Tying skates.

7 thoughts on “When Your Child has Bigger Plans….

  1. I love reading this post.The funny thing in my entire family no one is into sports but again we are all girls.
    It’s nice that your son is interested in hockey, I love his determination.

    1. We were an all girl family growing up. In fact, my son is the only boy. But my sister and I both played ball. It was simply a shock he chose one I know NOTHING about. lol

  2. I love skates. It’s the best sports equipment in the world! But I am more of a figure skating lover. In my opinion it is the most beautiful sport. My favourite skater is Kurt Browning. He’s an athlete, a dancer, a ballet master and a comedian in one. He started his adventure with skating by playing ice hockey. Who knows, maybe your son will follow in Kurt’s footsteps and be the next Wold Champion.
    It takes a lot of courage to step on something as slippery as ice. I admire his determination to be Mr. Perfect in anything he does. After all, if you want to do something, do it well. Good luck.

    1. He is actually pretty amazing to watch. This proud mama heart often wants to explode watching him lead. He dreams of the NHL and I do my very best to support that dream.

  3. I love this! I have 3 girls and I had hoped they would do baseball maybe gymnastics, etc. This year they all 3 decided they wanted to take Dance. I am totally not a good dance mom. However, every Monday there we are, tutus, ballet shoes, tap shoes, and I’ve mastered hair in a bun. 😀

  4. It’s a fine line sometimes between allowing our children to follow their “whims” and putting the parental foot down with a “wise” choice. Great job letting your son follow his (current) passion! Happy skate lacing!

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