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Why I Don’t Coupon

Couponing is a tricky thing. It has really saved families money. It has earned people money that they wouldn’t otherwise have. It has allowed stay at home moms to help out on the money end of things. It has also been a fad with lots of scandal attached to it. The extreme couponing show really hurt families that couponed to truly save their family money. The greed and misuse of coupons has made couponing very difficult in many places. Couponing rules have become more strict and less friendly than ever before.

With all of that said, I used to coupon. I used to clip coupons, scour the neighborhood for extra coupon inserts. I poured over adds and websites to find were the best deals were that week. I clipped and filed every coupon I received. I had a decent stockpile of beauty products in my bathroom. So, I’m sure you are wondering why I quit if I was doing pretty good. Well…..

It took ME too much time. As I have said before, I have a process with how I do things. This was one of those processes. And it took SOOOOO long. But I did it. I sat and cut and filed. I researched. I went over my lists a million times to make sure I had everything just right. It seriously took me hours. It was like a second job, and while that is fine for some people, I was a single mom and wanted to spend that time with my son rather than on a computer or knee deep in papers. AND I had a tendency to buy things we didn’t need simply because it was in my coupon binder. So, I stopped. There have been a couple of times I have casually started back, but it never really stuck.

Honestly, I don’t even look at the sale paper before I go to the store. I get a general idea of what the guys want to eat that week, jot down a quick list and head out (usually forgetting the list on the counter) . IF I look at a sale paper it is when I walk in to the store but usually I just wing it. That’s the kind of shopper I am. It doesn’t work for everyone so if you are a list maker and a meal planner, KEEP DOING IT. My way isn’t the only or even the best way. It’s simply MY way. You will eventually find what works for you and your family and will start seeing your grocery bill drop. The same goes for coupons. If you coupon, keep at it. Keep saving. This is not to deter you from the money saving things you already do. This is to help you add additional tricks to your shopping routine because let’s face it. We can all stand to save a little off of that grocery bill.

For those interested in learning how to coupon, here are some good sites to help you. These are the ones that taught me how to et started and they have great tools for all couponers.

Money Saving Mom

Southern Savers

A Full Cup



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