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Just Say NO!

I’m sure you have heard that the way to eat healthy is to shop on the outside aisles of the store. Some argue that this is an expensive way to shop, and I agree that is can be. However, it is also expensive in those middle convenient aisles. Any idea what the price of a box of snack cakes is? Last time I checked, they ran about $3.50 for a box. In my house that box won’t last two days. We pay A LOT of money for convince

I have a ten-year-old son and a thirty-something year old husband. They rarely get to go to the grocery store with me. They are what I call budget busters. They ALWAYS blow my budget when I let them ta along and honestly it stresses me out. Every once in a while I allow them to come, but for the most part they stay home.

See, my crew is drawn to potato chips, snack cakes, cereal, soda, and other higher priced items that I KNOW we can live without. Yes, we could spend $3.50 on a box of snack cakes but it could be better spent elsewhere.

These two boxes totaled $2.25. Who doesn’t love cookies and brownies?!

So, as you can guess, snack cakes are at the top of this NO list. I love Little Debbie, but my bank account cries every time she lands in my cart. Instead I buy cookie and brownie mixes. They last longer and are better received by my guys. I also keep a bag of chocolate chips in the freezer. If they are in need of a sweet fix, they can have a small bowl.

Chips – oh how I love chips. And dip. But at $3.50 a bag and half of it being air, I cringe at the thought of buying.

Cereal – There is an exception to this rule. I allow one bag of off-brand cereal in the house. Name brand is too expensive and my guys (usually the little one) can never seem to close the box, so it gets gross. I actually priced cereal the other day at the store. We buy the resealable bags of cereal for $2.50. It is a 28 ounce bag that is easily closed. I priced the box of the exact same cereal (not all brands are created equal but this particular one IS). I think it was a 12 ounce box (not totally sure one the number but it was SIGNIFICANTLY smaller) for $4.50. No thanks. I will keep my $2 and fresh cereal, thanks!

Soda – No. Just no. We drink tea. For me personally, it is a better alternative to soda. H0wever, if you insist on buying soda, skip the 20 oz bottles at the checkout line. They cost $1.89 for 20 oz. You can grab a 2 liter for less than that.

Check our line gimmicks_- These things are called impulse buys. They are placed here to lure you in to buying it without thinking. Don’t do it. These things are typically over priced and can blow your budget.


While some of these things might not be budget busters for you, there will be other things that you can narrow down to see what is blowing your budget. Take a few weeks and study your grocery list. Really start watching what you are spending your money on. After a couple of weeks of watching and keeping track it will be fairly simple to see wat is draining your budget. Once you have it narrowed down, it is much easier to get a handle on your finances in the store.


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  1. Such good advice! I agree that other people definitely blow your budget at the supermarket. I like to buy a whole bunch of healthy food and plan my meals around what I have – and not go buy extras. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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