Raising up Thor

Making Chow for Your Pup


As I have mentioned before, I make our own dogfood. There are multiple reasons as to why we do this and why it works for our family. See this post for more details on that. If you have decided you would like to try homemade dogfood, here are some of my dog food making tips. But first here are some things you need to remember when cooking for your four legged kid.

  • Know the Do’s and Do Not’s of what dogs can eat. There are lists all over the internet that say what you can and cannot feed your furry friend. You can refer to any of those or the one I have posted {here}
  • Dogfood recipes can be customized to fit your pups likes and dislikes.
  • Different breeds require different amounts of nutrition. Some dogs need high protein diets while others don’t require as much.
  • It is always a good idea to speak with your vet before changing your dog’s diet.

Please keep in mind that my recipes cater to our Great Dane. Great Danes generally require a low protein diet to keep them from growing too fast. Please also remember I am not a vet and am not certified to give medical advice pertaining to your pets.

When I get ready to cook up a meal for Thor, I make sure I have three categories covered. Protein (meat), carbs (rice, oats, beans), and fruits/veggies. Thor is pretty easy to please and he has been on homemade food for most of his life so it’s pretty easy to cook for him. Some dogs won’t be as easy to cook for in the beginning, but over time it will get better. My typical ratios are as follows: 1 cup of meat, 2 cups of carbs, 2 cups of veggies. However, if I happen to have more veggies on hand than carbs, I kind of use those interchangeably. For our pup, I try to keep protein intake at around 25% as too much can make him grow too fast and be hard on his body. I typically cook his food at the same time I am cooking our supper. How much I make really depends on what I have on and. Sometimes I make enough to last a few days, sometimes I only make enough to last until supper the next night.

I love to cook, so this has been an enjoyable thing for me. I love knowing that he is getting exactly what his body needs to grow and thrive. If this is something you think would be a benefit to your pup, talk with your vet. There may be special nutrients your dog needs in their diet and that is something to take in to consideration. It is ALWAYS best to speak with your vet before making a big change such as this!

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