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Do you remember when you were a kid, laying in the grass picking through the clover? Mom and Dad would always complain about the clover weeds taking over the yard, but you LOVED the clover patches? You’d sit for hours searching for that illusive ONE, that one IMPERFECT one. Only it wasn’t seen as imperfect. It was lucky. Everyone wants to find that sacred four-leaf clover, but very few have the patience to search. After 30 years of searching, of settling for simple tree leaf clovers, of heartbreaks and tears, I was blessed with my imperfectly perfect four-leaf clover. He came into my life and completed our family.

After a failed relationship that resulted in my becoming a single mother, after a failed marriage that left me battered and emotionally scarred, and after giving up on love – I found my best friend and the man my son calls Dad.

We have a ten-year-old son. God as a great sense of humor. I am very much an introvert, that needs lots of time to recover from social interactions. Guess what God blessed me with. The biggest social butterfly ever made. I have been forced out of my comfort zone so many times since tis child has been born. He is an athlete, a newly discovered musician, and an all-around awesome kid.

We just added a new addition to our family. His name is Thor. He is a three-month-old American Great Dane. I’ve never been one to consider pets as family, but this might be the guy that does it for me. He has not only wormed is way in to our bed, but also in to our hearts.

We are adventurers. We are sports fans – GO PREDS! – and dog lovers. We are survivors. We are straight shooters with huge hearts. We invite you in to our family in hopes of being an inspiration, a source of hope, and to offer our struggles and experiences to help others. So, pull up a chair and get ready to laugh with us, cry with us, learn with us, and most of all love with us.

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