Chow Time on a Dime

Staples in My Pantry

Let’s talk staples. These are things that if you walk in to my kitchen on any given day, you will almost always find in my pantry. In order to feed my family hearty meals, I find that most of these things are essential to us. Your staples will likely be different because they will be based on your family’s likes and dislikes, but the key is to find CHEAP staples that your family loves.

My list fits my family’s needs and likes and occasionally I change it up a bit, but for the most part these are the things I have on hand.

Milk – We drink whole milk as it is my husband’s preference. It is super filling when we are starving (I don’t usually like to eat breakfast and use chocolate milk as a substitute) and I use it quite a bit in cooking. Right now milk is down to $.99 in my area so we have been drinking more than usual.

Potatoes – We love potatoes. They are fairly versatile so they can be used multiple times in a week without my guys getting tired of them. The price is usually pretty good as well. I usually pick up a ten-pound bag from Aldi for less than $4.

Eggs – Eggs are super cheap right now, $.44 for 18 so I have been picking up quite a few cartons lately. No, I am not an organic, cage free mom. Simply put, it’s too expensive. While we enjoy fresh eggs, and hope to have our own chickens in the future, right now fresh are not in our budget. We eat eggs A LOT. My husband would eat them at every meal if I would let him. Needless to say, I always have at least two dozen on hand.

Rice and/or Pasta – I usually have both on hand but I always make sure to have at least one. They are good fillers and I am totally a pasta girl. My guys eat and eat and eat. Pasta and rice are good ways to fill them up for cheap. However, my mister isn’t a huge fan of either so I try to be considerate of that.

Pancake mix – I make sure to buy the kind that says just add water. This has been a lifesaver on those last few days before payday and you are just struggling to pull a meal together. They can be made in a variety of flavors to change the taste up.

Chicken – Chicken is by far the cheapest meat around here so I try to always have some form of chicken on hand. Kroger often has leg quarters that are pre-seasoned for really cheap.

Spices – Onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and basil. These are my go to spices. If I have these I am always fairly confident that my dishes will come our tasting wonderful. I much prefer real onion and garlic, but when money is tight, powder does the job for me.

As I said earlier, your list might vary from mine based on your family’s likes and dislikes and that is totally okay. We don’t want you to feed your family things they hate. We want you to enjoy eating just as much as well do! Find what staples work for you and apply the same theory to your shopping. Happy shopping, happy cooking and most of all, HAPPY EATING!



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