Raising up Thor

Raising Up Thor

Meet Thor. He is our 3-month-old American Great Dane. He is…. special. Thor was our son’s birthday present. He had asked for a Great Dane for his big day but it took us a while to find the perfect one. So, four months after his birthday, we surprise him with a chew toy and tell him he is getting a puppy. There was a Great Dane mama that had been taken in to rescue that had just given birth. Our boy was going to have pick of her litter. But sad news came only a day later. Mom had gotten sick when the puppies were 3 weeks old and they had to be taken away from her. Over half of them had already gone to the vet with health problems and they had already lost one. It didn’t look like any of the babies were going to make it.

It broke my heart, not only for the poor babies but also for my kiddo who had waited so patiently for his dog. I broke the news to him Saturday afternoon that the puppies were sick and it didn’t look like any of them were going to make it. He was bummed but he handled it like a camp. It wasn’t even 24 hours later I get the call to head to the rescue. One of the puppies was healthy enough to leave and he was coming to us! I was NOT prepared. Not at all. But what do you do? You get in the car and you go get that baby! So, we loaded up and went to get our teeny tiny 5 week old baby. 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS!! For those that haven’t experienced this, that’s like taking home a newborn.

For the first week, we rotated out. Someone slept in the living room floor with him every night. (We didn’t have a crate. Like I said, I was not prepared.) We fed him formula and soft puppy food. And I began to research. My husband had already warned me that he always fed his dogs whatever he ate. I started to panic. When we have steak, this crazy man is going to expect me to make him one too! We don’t have that kind of money! So, I started looking at premium dog food. I bought a bag of the high priced, “good for you” stuff.  Thor wasn’t crazy about it and for it to be as expensive as it was, I felt like the little guy should LOVE it. Right? So, I started looking up homemade dogfood. And made the decision right then. I wanted to know EXACTLY what was going in to my puppy’s body so I was going to start making is food. And surprisingly it isn’t that hard. Once you learn what they can’t eat and what they don’t like, it is almost easier than feeding the rest of my crew.

He is three months old now. He sleeps in our bed. He eats our food. He trashes my house. He is pretty much my other son. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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