Chow Time on a Dime

Introducing Chow Time on a Dime

We are broke. Not poor. Just broke. For those that are not aware of the difference, poor is never getting any extras, having just the bare minimum and still not having enough to make it. Broke is having enough for all the bills and a week’s worth of food, but there is very little left after that. And Mom has to get creative with meals. We also spend quite a bit on our son’s extracurricular activities, so that takes a huge chunk of our money. I spend roughly $40 every two weeks for groceries, with an added $15-20 between that to hold us over until next payday. The additional $15 usually buys bread, milk, eggs, and fresh produce. So, for three people and a dog that is on homemade dogfood, I spend about $60 every two weeks, or $120 a month.  And I do not coupon.

No, we don’t eat steak every night like my husband once thought we should, but we do eat well. Just last week we had meatloaf, empanadas, hamburgers, Cajun chicken alfredo, beef stroganoff, and homemade pizza. I know. That is only 6 meals, but Saturday we had blizzards from Dairy Queen for supper.

So, are you curious how to eat well on a shoestring budget? Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and click around. There is something for everyone and plenty of ways to cut back on spending.

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