Abuse Brings Life Lessons

In a perfect world, we fall in love young, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. Only, it isn’t a perfect world and it doesn’t always work that way anymore. People fall in to lust, get married, argue and decide marriage isn’t for them. Happily ever after didn’t work for me either, not the first time. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. I fell for a guy that said all the right things only to have him flip a switch after we said I Do. I spent three and a half years in a special kind of hell that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Even now, years later, I battle the demons of the past. It has taken time to move past the heart ache and abuse. It has been a process. I had been conditioned for so many years that it was difficult to break those habit based emotions

It has taken a lot of work to get to where I am today, and I still fight some battles, but I am also beginning to embrace some of the things I learned during those years. I’m a believer in that SOME good can come out of every situation. No, it isn’t always easy to see in the beginning but eventually there is enough light that you are able to see some of the good.

Long ago, I was made to feel guilty about spending money. I am not talking about frivolous spending. I’m speaking of buying the essentials required to run a household. I was required to make a list and have it okayed before I went to the store. If I dared spend too much money on toothpaste, I would feel is wrath.

Fast forward to today. I called my husband and asked if it was okay to spend X amount of money. I hear a huff on the other end of the line. I know wats coming and I laugh to myself. He is annoyed at me because e as told me a hundred times (no, really!) that I don’t have to have is permission to spend OUR money. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

So, what exactly have I embraced about this experience? Well, while my husband does not care how much money I spend or what I buy, BUT I do. I am very careful with EVERY penny. This has helped tremendously with our grocery bill. I can feed our family of four (this includes our Great Dane that eats homemade dog food) for two weeks on roughly $60. Pretty cool, right? Did I mention that I DON’T coupon? And the food we eat is REALLY good? You don’t have to live a life of rice and beans to be able to feed your family. There are far more wonderful things to feed those you love. Not to be misunderstood. I love rice and beans they are always in the cabinet. However, we eat them because we WANT to, NOT because that is all we can afford. Intrigued? Want to learn my tricks? Follow me over the next few posts as I show you how I do things!

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