Chow Time on a Dime

Pizza Night

Pizza night is a huge hit at our house. My guys LOVE pizza, but they especially love the variety we get out of making our own homemade pizza. It is fairly cheap to make and can be super versatile in topping. Some of our favorites include: Chili cheese tot, BBQ chicken, alfredo chicken, and meatlovers.… Read More Pizza Night

Chow Time on a Dime


Meat is always a struggle for me. I struggle so much with spending money and meat is always the most costly item on my list. As I said {here}, chicken is my staple meat. It is quick, easy, and can be cooked a million different ways. Whole chickens and leg quarters can usually be found… Read More Meat

Chow Time on a Dime

Just Say NO!

I’m sure you have heard that the way to eat healthy is to shop on the outside aisles of the store. Some argue that this is an expensive way to shop, and I agree that is can be. However, it is also expensive in those middle convenient aisles. Any idea what the price of a… Read More Just Say NO!

About Me

Meet the Family

Do you remember when you were a kid, laying in the grass picking through the clover? Mom and Dad would always complain about the clover weeds taking over the yard, but you LOVED the clover patches? You’d sit for hours searching for that illusive ONE, that one IMPERFECT one. Only it wasn’t seen as imperfect.… Read More Meet the Family